Sunday Morning with Horizon Zero Dawn

0700 and I have played two hours of Horizon Zero Dawn today.  Over the last week I have been able to play the game a total of 5 hours (thank you twins that never sleep).  My initial thoughts are as follows:

  1. Game play – controls and interface are reminiscent of Far Cry Primal and Skyrim.  This isn’t a bad thing for me as I loved both of these games.  the real reason I think Skyrim every time I play is the Eye for detection level.  Otherwise the the game play and system are much more in tune with Far Cry Primal.  The controls can take a little getting used to as the methods of attack are not intuitive, at least not for me.
  2. Story Line – Thus far I  haven’t made it very far into the story so no chance of spoilers from me, but I can say that I am impressed with the story thus far.   I like the idea of starting the character as an Outcast.  There are a few games that have a character start with a large extended network meaning the player automatically feels like there is a large chunk of the characters life that they aren’t privy to. When handled correctly this provides for avenues to develop back story when done wrong the player just feels left out.  Horizon Zero Dawns approach I think allows the player to have just enough mystery about the character to give the feeling there is a backstory to discover (and there is given Aloy’s motivation) and the freedom to create/experience the development of the Character as they go.
  3. Graphics – The game is stunning.  I wish I would have bought the PS4 pro so I could really see the game in all it’s glory.

So my final thoughts on my initial week with the game.  I will probably finish this game as the story is extremely appealing to me and I enjoy the machine hunting.  The biggest downside for me is the long load time when first starting.

I will leave you here today.  I have probably another 45 mins until the Twins wake up and then my ability to play will be next to nothing.  I swear two year olds can destroy a house in 10 seconds flat.


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