Hello, I know that it has been a while since my first post and I am sorry.  Turns out twinning is a full time job.  No really, these twins can drive my lovely wife and I actually bonkers.  I will devise a post devoted entirely to the antics of the rugrats since my last post and it should be a fun read for all.  But, this is not that post because I have to talk about what the title is about.

Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I have always loved MST3K.  I can remember watching it as a preteen and teen. Yes, the show was fully canceled by the time I graduated high school.  As the odd duck of my family it was not unusual for me to like things that were not the norm in the house.  I would watch horrible b movies on weekends and when I discovered MST3K I was in heaven.  After all I had loved watching every Godzilla, Mothra, and Gamera movie.  By the way Gamera was probably my favorite.  Actually, this wiki probably will tell you every movie I have ever loved and yes I liked even the bad ones.  Can any one say Tremors.

Back on topic.  When I saw that Netflix had revived this beloved show yesterday at 4am when I woke up I flipped. I actually refrained from starting it until after making my coffee and eating some breakfast.  In truth, I held off for about two hours fearful that it would be horrible.  After all, I have been consistently disappointed by throwbacks and reboots for years.  Yes, I hate you Hollywood.  But, I gave in and started the show and hoped for the best.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The show feels just like I have stepped back to high school.  Bad movies and great riffs make the magic happen.

So I have finished three episodes and can honestly say that I love the show.  The casting is beyond great.  TV’s Son of TV’s Frank (Max) is perfect, he plays his role just right and his interactions with Kinga are just great. Jonah Heston is great, I can’t wait to see the development of his relationship with the bots.  But, Kinga is probably the best of the characters.  Unfortunately, I am a bit biased as I am a Felica Day fan (linked provided for those that don’t know who she is).

So short review time.  The show feels like it has never been off the air.  The sets feel the same though obviously different.  The Satellite of love is roughly the same.  Kinga’s  lair looks great.  The movies are good, bad good, and the riffs never feel forced.  Cry Wilderness in episode two was awesomely horrible. Unfortunately, for me, I had seen it before, without the riffs.  Basically, if you loved or even liked the original you will enjoy the new show.

Sorry for the short review, but it is Easter Sunday and I have to get the twins ready for church.


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