Twins and Planes Episode 1: We Had Hope

I hate flying.  Now, I  have never enjoyed flying because the seats are uncomfortable and not designed for tall people.  But, my recent trip to Hawaii with the twins have made me hate flying.  This isn’t the first time we have flown together but this trip took the cake.  The funny thing is every started fine for the flight out to Hawaii.  The twins actually got in the car without a fight and we left for the Airport with plenty of time.  Security, actually went quickly and the twins were well behaved, well behaved for them that is.  The first flight was short and uneventful.  The real fun for the travel there began after getting off the plane.  I realized that I lost my headphones and the twins decided that the Airport was the place to play.  Both L and E loved the moving sidewalk and needed to run from K and I no matter what.  Food was not on their agenda as L decided her chicken strips would be better with half a shaker of salt and E decided nothing tasted good.  As we waited for the next flight K and I chased the twins up and down the halls.  The best part of this was L deciding that she had to jump on every black tile she saw.  we made a game of it and had a blast.  The last flight was actually much rougher.  The girls wanted K and I to change seats multiple times and then when they fell asleep we and all was good E began screaming on decent.  In her defense the pressure change was dramatic and painful even for me.


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