Twins and Planes Episode 2: The Twins Strike Back

In the last episode I regaled you with the adventures of the twins as we flew to Hawaii.  In this episode the family has finished a wonderful vacation at the Aulani resort.  With little to no sunburn and plenty of beach sand in our shoes, hair and well everywhere we prepare for the flights home.  

On this morning we decided to visit Lanakai Beach to get some pictures of the girls and see one of the arguably most beautiful public beaches I have ever seen. (If any one has a home there please put me in you will to inherit it.)  The girls loved the beach in fact after only 10 minutes they had lost their dresses and diapers and we had naked sand babies running around. They were so happy. Luckily locals and tourists alike couldn’t get enough of the girls and everyone there was good natured about two hyper active naked two year olds.  We spent about two hours soaking up the sun and enjoying our selves before heading back to the resort to prepare for the flight home. One last Dole whip stop and we would head home.

After a rather uneventful and fairly stress free afternoon we headed to the Airport around 4 for our flight. On the bus to the airport the lady seated next to me had the same name as one of our littles and she was loving the energy pouring off the girls.  In the Airport the girls were a little crazy but not to much to handle.  It helped that the after eating a snack there were two little boys that they could play with at the gate.  

The revenge of the twins began on the planes. First, the twins have become the escape artists to rival Houdini and they would not be content to sit in their car seats for more than four minutes at a time. S decided she had to sit next to daddy but E wanted to also of course this flight was full so we had to sit in two different rows and so the twins kept standing up to check on each other and the us.

Flight one: Escape and snacks were the first signs of trouble. As stated before neither girl wanted to sit. Snacks and juice were not enough to contain them. So for the first hour of the flight we had yelling jumping fighting twins. Finally, they fell asleep and we had hope. A hope that died a quick but very smelly messy death. E got sick. I am talking excoraist split pea soup projectile vomit sick.  She covered the back of the seat, the floor, herself and K. Did I mention the guy sitting next K was really nice but drunk as hell. So he doesn’t know what to do I have just woken up to vomit sounds and K’s pleas for help. All while E keeps vomiting. (In retrospect I give her credit I mean who knew she had that much in her.) Finally, after what feels like an hour but was probably 10 minutes her fits if vomit stop and we are left with a child covered in vomit now crying and a strapped to a seat covered in vomit.  K is overwhelmed and has a look of shear exhaustion.  Finally her drunk seat mate switches seats with me as S is a rock and K could use the help.  So we get L cleaned off and in just a diaper when she falls asleep in my arms. Everything, seems to call down so I fall asleep holding her to wake up not 30 minutes later to the most horrendous smell.  L now has diareaha and it has leaked out of her Diaper and doused my shirt.  I take and clean her off and wipe my shirt but it is no good.   The rest of the flight K is in vomit stained clothes and I am in shit stained shirt.

Landing in Anchorage we make a B-Line for the nearest store with clothes. And I think we spend. Almost 150 on t-shirts, leggings, and sweatshirts just to get rid of the smell.  We then clean and change in the nearest restroom where The family restroom is locked and inaccessible.  Luckily they had a play room so we could rest as twins played. L in her brand new adult small T-shirt dress and S in her PJ’s.

Flight 2: was actually not bad being only a 45 minute flight. The girls were decently behaved though we gate checked the remaining carseat as the puke one we unceremoniously left at the arrival gate and never looked back.  The girls were excited to be sitting with out the carseat so keeping the seatbelt on them was near to impossible.

On landing we quickly gathered our bags and left the airport headed home to our beds and some much needed rest.


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