Road trip Day 2

Welcome back to the tale of my solo trip out of Alaska. Yesterday I told you of my adventures and misadventures getting out of Fairbanks. Well day 2 began with another bit of bad luck.

After sleeping in a bit (0845) I prepped to get a shower when I noticed the damnable U-Haul had a flat.  So I called roadside assistance and took an awesome hot shower. Knowing I wouldn’t make check out time I spoke with the owner of the Park as I paid for the previous night and offered to pay for another night.  Luckily she was extremely nice and said not to worry about it and take all the time I needed.

So I ate breakfast, broke camp and waited on the repair guy.  

I have to say the views at the RV Park were amazing. 

About noon I removed the freedom top and hit the road topless. Dust and no top was fun.

Half way to the Baby Nugget RV Park I stopped at Johnson’s crossing for a leg stretch and decided to eat a little as the have these amazingly good and big buns (rolls for my southern friends).  I was in luck and the soup of the day was my favorite French onion so I couldn’t pass it up.

I finished this days drive at the baby nugget RV Park part of Nugget City.  The mosquitos were horrible when I arrived.  There really weren’t any views to speak of and the tenting area was small and pitch where you want. Honestly the $20 price tag was a little steep for space available. The sign also advertised WiFi but could get a signal any where that wasn’t secure and passwords were not given with check-in. 

The wolf down eatery had pretty good coffee and a decent Apple turn over.

The day went well though once again slower than I would have liked thanks to the trailer and construction. 


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