Day 4 … Timezones suck

For Day 4 I woke up a little later than I wanted and ate a hasty breakfast at the Hotel Continental Bar and hit the road.

Leaving Ft. ST. John my next stop would be Calagary in Alberta so I had a bit of a haul to make, but that didn’t dissuade me.  I hit the Dawson Creek fast and only stopped for a couple pictures.

I remember clearly coming through here 4 years ago with K.  I was thrilling to know we were starting the ALCAN that day. Also that was the day we discovered our bank was drained by a hack on our Target Card. Talk about a stress full day.

Out side of Dawson Creek I let Google direct me around traffic and this is what I got. 

The next gas / stretch stop was Beaver Lodge.  Here it was fast in and out. The pump attendant was funny though because he was complaining about having to be at work at 5am.

Who doesn’t love a giant beaver?

Between Beaver Lodge and Calagary their were a few interesting road conditions. 

  1. High winds that batted the trailer like a kitten with yarn.  The Jeep didn’t get off any easier in that wind though. A couple sketchy moments during that wind.
  2. Alberta 43. The condition of this road was horrible most the way. Arms and Kidneys took a massive beating on this road.
  3. Wild Fires: I looked it up and the province had 24 active fires today.  Though none were near the road the sky was hazy and it plane sucked because all you could smell was smoke.

Of course there was one cool highlight. Turns out Google in avoiding the cities took me down some beautiful side highways and the Old Cowboy Trail. 

Now for the reason Timezones Suck. Apparently, the twins had turned auto time set off on the phone. Thus I hit Calgary at 1715 according to the phone and thought woohoo I have time to make the one stop I put Calagary on the destination list for. I wanted to visit The Sentry Box. The Largest gaming store in the world. Thinking I had 45 mins until closing I drove into downtown Calagary with a U-haul and attempted to visit this geek mecha. Unfortunately, it is two timezones different than what my phone said and I am an hour and a half past closing. The only portion open is the card shop.

Now I will say the card game shop portion was beautiful and the two guys working the counter were awesome. It is a shame I only got to see that section. I will not have the chance to see it tomorrow either as the store doesn’t open until 11 and I really need to hit the road and be half way to the next stop before 12.


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