Day 5 … Smoke and Dairy

After spending the night in the tent in Calgary I woke up at 430 and began prepping for the day. My first task was to clean the ash off the tent. The smoke over Calgary stayed all night and there was a smattering of ash on the tent and Jeep. 

After that I broke camp, showered, ate breakfast, and hit the road by 0600. On the way out of camp I snappedd a pic of the ski jump tower from the 1988 Calgary winter games. You may remember this as the place the Jamaican Bobsled team made their debut and inspired the movie Cool Runnings.

Before leaving the area I filled a low tire on the Jeep and got rolling. The major sites today were Banff Canadian national park.  This place was gorgeous even with the smoke.  I will definitely be bringing K and the Twins here one day. I wish I would have scheduled time for a hike or two. The number of trails and size of this park is amazing. 

Next stop was the Dutchmens Dairy. I stopped at the advice of a Calgary native who suggested they had the best chocolate milk ever.  Challenge accepted. Well the Chocolate milk was absolutely devine.  Not to sweet or heavy. Loved every drop. But the also make ice cream and K can attest that I will not pass up a good milkshake.  Well worth the stop. 

Bonus stop: right across the street was a farmer’s market. Didn’t get any fruit because it would spoil before getting back to K but I did get some honey comb for snacking. 

There was another really cool thing at the market vinegar.  Lots of cool wine and even beer vinagers.

After here my only goal was make Seattle or more accurately Bonney Lake Washington.  My planned stop included lodging with an old college buddy and one of my groomsmen.

End note: the roads were insane with the number of twists and turns. 


2 thoughts on “Day 5 … Smoke and Dairy

  1. Marj Hanson (Erik's mom)

    When you go back to Calgary/Banff, let us know. We lived in Calgary for a little over a year and have a great book on the hiking trails. We can also point out a few that were our favorites and a couple that really weren’t worth the effort!


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