Day 6 … Rest in Seattle

As the title suggests today was a much needed rest day for this road warrior.  

To start off with so stayed with an old college/army buddy of mine and his wonderful family. I have known his wife since college when they were dating and she is a great hostess, wife and mother. Their children are just precious and it was so cool seeing the oldest and middle child who were very young when K and I got married. 

The first thing we did after Breakfast was we headed to a local wilderness park and rode the tram.  The park was Northwest Trek. It was pretty cool and here are a couple of pictures.

The next thing we did was I took a tour of my buddies prefab concrete plant to see what he does for a living now and as a fan of the how it is made show I can honestly say I enjoyed the plant tour.

Lastly after a late lunch we headed back were my buddy and I reminisced and then got our geek on with a little pathfinder character creation. 

Slow day overall stay tuned for the continuation of travel.


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