Day 7 … Dead Battery and Missed check point

Day 7 started out great or so I thought. I was up, ready and in the Jeep before 615 ready to eat up some miles. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to unplug the electric cooler and the Jeep was dead.  With my friend at work I decided to wait until his wife woke up to get a jump and hit the road.  

After playing a few interesting make believe games with their youngest daughter, my friend wife came down and we got the Jeep started and I hit the road.  I will miss my friend and his family they are wonderful people. 

First stop of the day was a view point West of Yakima and it was gorgeous. 

From there I made a rest stop and found this interesting point I thought was beautiful.

Then drove past the Yakima Training area that some of my Army buddies despise so much.

Just southwest of Yakima I drove past two active new wild fires. I wanted to stop and help but they were waving traffic so I continued on my way. I pray all the officers and firefighters working were safe.

Next up were something I personally loved seeing HOPS and vineyards along the road. You could almost smell the hops it was awesome. 

A while later I stopped at the historic Conde B. McCullough and the Upper Perry Arch Bridge.  It was a beautiful single lane bridge.

In Baker City Oregon I stopped for gas and also got dinner at the cafe there.  The portions were immense and the flavor on point. I had Chop steak l, hash browns, 2 eggs, and cornbread.  No room for desert. 

Also, had a wonderful conversation with a man that has done quite a bit of work up in Alaska and knew many of the same places K and I knew. In fact he was working only a few streets away while we lived there. I hope he is able to purchase the land he was looking to  buy in the area.

I ended the night at a rest area about 50 miles out of Twin Falls Idaho missing my camp site because I was just getting to sleepy and wanted to be safe. 


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