Day 10…Grandma, Burgers and History

Day 10 was a rest and visitation day. Mom and I started the day off with a good home cooked breakfast.  The jalapeno bacon was on point as was everything else.

Then I took the Freedom Panels off Jeep and we left to pick Grandma up to go get Green Chili Cheese Burgers in San Antonio. Grandma and Mom really enjoyed riding in the Jeep with the wind blowing and the morning sun coming in.  

Now San Antonio is a quite little historical town. The Scientists and engineers working the Trinity Site used to stop in here for dining at the Historic Owl Bar and Cafe. If you are going through the area it is a great little stop for history and putting a dollar on the wall along side many celebrities and historical figures. It also used to be the premier Green Chili Cheeseburger place.  But now that honor goes to the Buckhorn Burgers.  

After lunch Grandma, Mom and I took a quick trip out to visit the Very Large Array only 20 miles from Grandmas house. The has been featured in multiple Sci-fi movies including one of my favorites Contact.  The I may partial do to my Jodie Foster infatuation. This Radio Telescope Array is beautiful and has been in place since the 1970s.

Leaving the VLA we headed back to Magdalena my moms home town and a quite community that heralded as the trails end for cattle drives until 1971.  Fun fact my Grandfather used to ride as a hand in the drives as a young teenager and he helped to build all the roads travelled out of Soccoro.

The last activity of the day was I changed the Oil in Black Betty before mom made a wonderful steak dinner for us. It was a wonderful day all around. 
Bonus: Grandma bought me a huge bag of homemade beef jerky and we saw a beautiful rainbow at mom’s house.


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