Day 11… Lava, Sand and Trees

First off let me apologize for the tardiness of this post. This will also be the last post from the trip. Unfortunately, Life got away from me and I lost all the notes for the remaining days. Really nothing happened after this day. Hope you all enjoyed the telling.

Day 11 started early with homemade breakfast burritos and coffee. Thank you mom for taking the time to wake up and make breakfast.

Heading out of Belen my first stop was the Trinity Test Site historical market.  Here I said a brief prayer for all those that have given their life to protect our freedoms and way of life.

The next stop was the Valley of Fires Bureue of Land Management Recreation area. These lava flows from 1,500 to 5,000 years ago area simply beautiful.  You get to see how the plants and animals have adapted to living here.  The views are amazing and the nature trail was beautiful and relatively short allowing for a quick stop. Unfortunately, it is hot there and if you are not prepared the short 1 mile nature trail will be less than enjoyable.   Bring water and I suggest shorts and a hat also.

The next stop on the route was White Sands National Monument.  Here you get to see and play on beautiful white sand dunes. The park is beautiful and the sand is amazingly soft to the touch. Once again though, if you plan on hiking or just playing in the dunes bring water, a hat and sunglasses.  Sunscreen is also a good idea as the sun reflects of the sand. I took the time to climb a couple of dunes and even did a little sunbathing. For those with kids I suggest bringing or checking out a saucer sled as the dunes make for perfect sledding. Lastly, the visitor center is a treasure trove of information about the dunes.  It is also a national parks passport stop for the kids.

The last scenic stop of the days drive was the Mexican Canyon Tresle in the Lincoln National Forest. This site pays tribute to the old growth Forrest that once stood there and has been replaced with secondary growth Forrest after the loggers removed almost the entire forest. It also shows the ingenuity of the loggers to get the trees down the mountain given the steepness of the mountains. 

I finished the day in Abilene. Anticipating the link up with K, L and S the next day.

Bonus: I made a little Friend in Valley of Fires, and it rained on me at White sands.

Spoiler: The next few days/weeks could see some developments in my life and plans for some future events.


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